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08-07-2007, 15:33
Hi all. I am new to Moscow and am looking for assistance in trying to get settled, esp. with a suitable apartment.

I will be reading throught the website and notice that there seems to be a lively expat community that is helpful (and humorous).

If anyone has any suggestions on particular dos and don't in finding an apt and settling in, I would appreciate your suggestions.


08-07-2007, 18:45
The key to getting a settled in here as far as accommodation is concerned is hard work and knowing people. I had pretty good luck with ArendaKV.ru but you have to be one of the first few to call because the good ones always go within a half day or so.

They publish weekly for a Monday start but you can find it in newstands on Saturday for the next week. It costs 60 rubles. Get it Saturday early and call everything that looks good before the end of that same Saturday.

CIAN.ru seems to be everyon's choice but I've never been able to get anything there, probably due to my abyssmal Russian skills.

The other way is to know someone who already has decent accomodation or who would be willing to look together with you. The really good deals come from an uncle of a friend who lives in Estonia but owns a place here.

Work hard and socialize!