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28-11-2010, 16:59
My name is Alina and I am Russian (Moscow). I would like to find somebody from German-speking country who wanna practice his/her Russian. Last year I spent 9 wonderful month in Berlin, but I'm afraid of loosing my skills in German. I can give some linguistical advice (I am a linguist) or help with some non-linguistical things in Moscow. So, if you are interested, my skype is here: radieschenin
Thank you in advance.

29-11-2010, 03:06
Would like to help you out, but I'm not in Moscow at the moment. Expect to be back next spring. We used to meet in the Bavarius 2-3 times a month to have some chat in German (and Bavarian/Swiss/Austrian :) ) - as well as English and Russian. Keep in touch - i will announce when I'm back!

(or PM me your e-mail address, then I'll put you on my mailing list! ;) )