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27-11-2010, 23:15
Hi! I have read about this festival hosted by the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in the last Moscow News. Can anyone give me a feedback on this event? Thanks for any comments or suggestions you may have.
I've just checked the website of the museum. Unfortunately all the tickets are sold out :-(

28-11-2010, 01:32
It's considered one of the high-level musical festivals. Although frankly I don't like concerts in museums, but this is my personal opinion.

28-11-2010, 13:39
I've never tried a concert in a Museum, but my bet is that the acoustics is not the same.
As for the event, per se, there is still a chance to listen to Youri Bashmet. He will play on New Year's eve at Tchaikvoski concert hall (ticket price 18500-36000 rubles).

28-11-2010, 17:30
I've never tried a concert in a Museum, but my bet is that the acoustics is not the same.

The acoustics can be better or worse. But several other things which I don't like about concerts in museums:

museum staff are habitually officious and sometimes unpleasant. I went to a concert in a museum last weekend - at the end, while the performers were still receiving applause, the Museum Administrator pushed past them and told the audience to leave the building within 15 minutes "because we are closing the garderobe and turning off the lights"
museum staff also like to "introduce" concerts, and love the sound of their own voices... for hours, and hours..
live music doesn't belong in museums, per se
usually there is no nice comfortable buffet or bar for an interval, so the concert goes without any interval at all (and so is too long)
very frequently the pianos in museums are badly-maintained, not tuned, etc. At the museum concert last week, the piano was in an absolutely unplayable condition. When I asked the museum staff about this, they told me I clearly know nothing about music (!), that the piano is more than 100 years old*, that it was made in Germany before the Revolution, and it is a fine instrument. When I told them in reply that it is not in tune, the left pedal is clearly broken, and that the instrument does not sustain the sound, and that's unsuitable for concerts, they were very offended and walked away :(

I was performing in a concert in the summer, in a museum. When we said (in a concert of baroque music!) that we would place the harpsichord in the centre of the stage (only their workmen were allowed to put things on the stage, so it was their job), I was given this reply: "The harpsichord is not an attractive instrument. It is ugly. And the sound of it is nasty. We intend to put our Bluthner concert piano on the stage, and you can use that instead of the harpsichord. It will be better. And the audience prefers it."

* they think it's like a violin, which gets better with age :( In fact pianos get only worse and worse with age.

28-11-2010, 17:42
I do not like concerts in museums either,,,

May be, I like some concerts of barocco music in Kuskovo, when, you know, the environment (decoration) and music itlsef are nice together.

Korotky Gennady
28-11-2010, 18:34
Although frankly I don't like concerts in museums.

I do not like concerts in museums either,,,


As for me... I don't like concerts at all.

I like concerts only when I am a little drunk.

28-11-2010, 20:40
I had no idea that Museum Staff could be so annoying. Perhaps they don't get extra pay for this kind of events, that's why there are not so amiable.

29-11-2010, 01:02
I like concerts only when I am a little drunk.

And so do I!

100g of "Ararat", and then I think I play Vivaldi very well. 200g - even better! :agree: