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04-07-2007, 17:36
moving on from dust to stardust... a quick question if anyone has a cable TV package from Akado. I noticed on their website that half of their International channels are in the Russian Languag instead of the original... Is this the only option then? if anyone has it, please shed some light on this. thanks

04-07-2007, 18:56
and i don't like it as such.
before we had akado basic, meaning, they just took over from the local housing estate and put in their cable.a few more channels but nothing 'foreign' and all in russian and it was cable.splicer for 3 tv's and we each could watch what we wanted on each tv (internt was corbina).
now we changed to something like 150 channels, over the summer period is all free. just pay the basics, and internet also.
but the problem is now, 1 decoder =1 tv. we have 3 tv's so we need 3 decoders.
And nothing interesting as such for me. No RTL or PRO7 ( German canals) only Deutsche Welle TV.this is mainly news and short features in English or German.
Acado has CNN and BBC and ABC and what have you and 10 'national geographics' channels, and 10 sport and 10 comics.and tons of music.
even if they have a russian voice over, if the original sound is english or german you can turn off the russian sound.
there are 5 or 6 'kino' channels. you can order for 60 rubles a film. don't know in which language but suppose it would be in english also. and of course the adult sites.
and there is one channel that brings old films.
but since i don't care much for tv anyway, i think Akado will stay.
Our daughter (18) says the only channel she liked was 2x2 whatever that is.
prices you can find out on thier site. but as far as i am concerend they are nothing better or worse than any of the other operators out here in Strogino.
I believe PRO7 and/or RTL is on Kosmos only, if i am mistaken i stay corrcted. But PRO7 i have definitely not seen on any other pricelist.

04-07-2007, 19:15
succinctly put benedikt :-)

I have had Akado for a couple of years myself - hardly ever watch it. I went with them originally for the cheap high speed internet, but the "unlimited" plan is limited to 50gb, whereas Stream's new unlimited seems to really be unlimited (I did about 90gb this past month and never got cut off or throttled down). Since switching the internet I kept the TV - only 460 rubles/month for most of the channels (no adult,extra sports, or premium movies).

05-07-2007, 10:43
I have Akado and they keep changing the dual language channels from both languages, selectable ,to Russian only. Not exactly what I was looking for. That being said, it is ok, service works 99% of the time. I also got it for the fast, unlimited internet, but now as Benedict points out, they have a limit on the "unlimited" accounts. They got me last month and of course I called the ever so helpful (Borat this is a not joke) NOT customer service group. They siad to read the new service terms. It is technically unlimited, because (on my account) after 60gb, they don't shut you off, they only restrict you to 64kbps. Might as well shut it off.

Is Stream really offering unlimited now? At what speed. I guess those answers I can get from the website, but one for TD, do you get an external IP or one behind their router?