View Full Version : Seeking configuration info re: Comstar, Prokrovsky Hills and Wi-Fi

23-06-2007, 08:46
Hi everyone,

I have a client at Prokrovsky Hills with a Zyxel Omni ADSL LAN EE modem. They have three computers at home and move the wire from one computer to the next to get online.

Obviously, they need a better option, so I suggested and bought a D-Link ADSL Router with 4 ethernet ports and Wi-Fi.

But, Comstar won't give me the info I need to configure and use it.

Does anyone out there have the info? Or know someone who does?

If you have ANY suggestions, please PM me, because I am going back to the client on Tuesday and need to have the info then.

Thanks a million!


23-06-2007, 22:23
how are the computers connecting to the modem at the moment?

if it is dhcp, then just run a cable from the modem to the wan port of the router and set it to pick up an IP address automatically... it can then retransmit the connection

if each computer needs an address to connect to the modem, copy these settings into the router as a fixed IP address

it is obviously more elegant to connect directly, but doing it this way should work - the other thing is that Comstar will have most likely registered the mac address of the router as the only device which can connect directly to the system...