View Full Version : Let's talk!

21-06-2007, 16:42
Hi everyone! We're 2 Muscovite girls looking for native English speakers to have a nice chat over a glass of beer (cup of tea/coffe, etc.) so that we could practise our English.

22-06-2007, 14:16
great idea! and what's important is a fresh one :rolleyes:

Andy B
22-06-2007, 14:19
A fresh English speaker?

22-06-2007, 18:03
a fresh mod in your case :p

22-06-2007, 19:47
hahah...frankly im quite surprised that u got only couple replies to such an invitive post...well im in..let me know know both of u want my IM ?!?!?

05-07-2007, 20:04
That sounds really good. I am a South African - English is my first language. I live in central Moscow and would be ver interested as I could practice my Russian (which consists of about 10 words) at the same time.

Billie Bob
05-07-2007, 22:47
this option sounds grrrrrreeeeatt :hooray::rolleyes::hooray::drink::reindeer: