View Full Version : A day pass for a fitness club

19-06-2007, 19:00

I am in and out of Moscow the whole summer until September. I really don't want to pay for a 3 months or a 6 months card if I am going to visit the club about twice a week.

Does anyone know of a fitness club which sells a day pass? It will be so much easier!


19-06-2007, 20:01
i was caLLINing lots of places, but 1-day passes were never available.
the only one that had at that time was the golden ring hotel at snolenskaya sq. check it out. good luck

20-06-2007, 00:12
The only possible way is to find a friend, who has a membership. For example, in Fitness Planet (I visit it), my friend can pay 800 rub or less for a day (if I'm not mistaken) and stay at the club all day.
Like that you can visit sport club several days per week.
You can go with me as a friend, but my membership ends on 15 of July.