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15-06-2007, 18:50
I am new to the expats community and feel a little bit lost here. If you wish to induct a pretty woman to the environment drop me a message.

Billie Bob
15-06-2007, 19:26
:hooray: Hi Tanechka, :hooray:

welcome to the forum group... dont feel lost... there's no grey wolves running around in these neck of the woods :reindeer:

15-06-2007, 19:34
Thanks for welcoming:sunny:

15-06-2007, 20:14
anyone here to guide moscovite in Moscow? Interested in places that expats like:rolleyes:

16-06-2007, 16:52
i thought i would be seeking guidance from muscovites lol so if u r still in seek of it ill give u some names !!

05-07-2007, 20:09
Sure I would. Drop me a message on this website.

Andy B
06-07-2007, 08:21
Hi Tanya, welcome to the site!

06-02-2008, 23:07
[QUOTE= If you wish to induct a pretty woman.....[/QUOTE]

Who wouldn't?