View Full Version : Rosie O'Grady's drinks tonight

Vikky 13
05-11-2010, 16:43
If anyone's interested - we are meeting up in Rosie O'Gradys tonight for a few drinks, moving to Katie O'Sheas afterwards!
Meeting time :9 pm. please pm me for details

Rosie O'Gradys: Prospekt Mira street 5,bldg 1. Metro: Prospekt Mira OR Suharevskaya.

See you all there

Alexey Nitsa
05-11-2010, 16:56
how much people will be?)

09-11-2010, 09:03
Do people go there often??? That place is located maybe 100meters from where I live...maybe I should stop by sometime...I've never even been there.

09-11-2010, 12:06
if you go, wear your Teflon underwear...

09-11-2010, 13:09
hm...what does that mean??? :P