View Full Version : Wanted: Planet Fitness Membership

13-06-2007, 21:46
Hi. I am interested in joining the Planet Fitness. We live in the center of Moscow, near the B.Kislovsky club, but I hear that you can pay for membershpi of all their clubs???

I have also heard that it is possible to sell existing gym memberships. If anyone is interested in selling their membership, drop me a line. I'm interested in either the 24 hour membership or the "Basic Off Peak". Hopefully this way I can get it a bit cheaper than what they are offering.


16-06-2007, 14:42
Go to Buy and Sell - there is a guy on there, selling his membership - MichaelG. looks like a good offer from 01jul.

Tooting Bec
11-01-2010, 00:14