View Full Version : Member list problem

30-07-2003, 01:21
When I do an advanced search by a specific login name sometimes it doesn't bring any resuts even after I enter an existing name.

Teutonic Deity
30-07-2003, 01:35
try doing your search from the members list... click on members, find the name you want, and then click on the search button

30-07-2003, 14:02
Thanks TD but I meant searching for the actual names not messages (yes I know I can go to the alphabetic list and just scroll down:-) . And I knew there's a search button in the members list etc, just wanted to report a bug.

Also I sent two messages to moderator@ on the 27 and 29 about the registration problem (can't renew my old login, it's not in the list but I get a message Already in use), still got no reply. I understand there may be too many messages now, I can wait but just in case it was lost should I send you a PM about this? Or should I send it to somebody else, and who checks this address moderator@ anyway, if I may ask??