View Full Version : The sound of silence!

28-07-2005, 23:00
"Hello darkness my old friend.... tum te tum te tum"

ahem, sorry.

Do you know a supplier of Acoustifan ultra-quiet PC fans and other anti-racket PC devices in Moscow?

After spending my hard earn cash on a computer last weekend, I am a bit dissapointed because the amount of fans it needs to keep the thing cool would be enough to inflate a bouncy castle. More to the point, it sounds like a harrier jumpjet hovering next to my ear.

As this is a home machine and I would like to leave it switched on permanently (so I can access my files when I go back to England), I need a quiter solution.

After salivating over this (http://www.quietpc.com/uk/tnn500af.php) and then realising I could not affort the 800 + pounds just for a case, I decided to look for quiet fans instead!

Any help will be gratefully received!!