View Full Version : "Silent souls" or "Овсянки"

31-10-2010, 18:00
This film got 3 prizes in Venice 2010, also "Black Pearl" in Abu-Dabi film festival.Tarantino liked it so may youll find it interesting also)
You can see that film with ehglish subtitles in Pioneer cinema.

31-10-2010, 23:02
Icy Russian Arctic drama "How I Ended This Summer" won the best-picture prize at the London Film Festival on Wednesday, and British director Clio Barnard took two awards for her innovative drama-documentary "The Arbor."
Actress Patricia Clarkson, who headed the best-film judging panel, praised Alexei Popogrebsky's "visceral psychological drama" about two meteorologists who clash at a remote polar research station. She sad "How I Ended This Summer" was "a cinematic tour de force ... tense, moving and universal in its scope."
The Russian film beat a shortlist that included ballet thriller "Black Swan," Academy Award-tipped royal stuttering drama "The King's Speech" and the Cannes Film Festival top prizewinner "Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives."
The 54-year-old London festival introduced a best-film prize last year as part of a bid to boost its profile and compete with better-known events in Berlin, Venice and Toronto.