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27-07-2005, 11:31
...interesting, no posts the last 30 days, everybody is dieting, and has a 'sure thing'. no-one wants to share the secrets with the site..
i have my own diet the alst 30 years; breakfast like a kaiser, lunch like a burger, ( and with every meal a salad without majo.) dinner like a beggar. nothing after 8 om, except fruits, salads, etc.
potatoes are fine, just avoid the butter and sour cream, so is pasta, just without the heavy sauces and tons of parmesan.
every day one or 2 yogurts (selfmade, not the commercial garbage), i love other dairy products.
forget about the 'lowfat' this is all nonsense, you only pay for added water and lowfat mayo is just made with starch ( like the glue you put on your wallpaper, and into 100 gr you can mix 2 ltrs of cheap oil and some color, so much for lowfat...)

27-07-2005, 12:06
Benedikt, coud you tell a recipe of selfmade yougurt? I'd like to try it. Your reply will be appreciated.

27-07-2005, 17:35
..you need a yogurtmaker ( mulinex, braun, = electro mir, el dorado or the household store in gum on the last floor sell them for 800 to 1200 rubles, depending if you want an electric timer and so forth. i bought the one with the biggest glasses and no timer...)
buy a realy good yoghurt with no flavor ' bulgarian' style, i buy it from stockmanns, or aliya parusa. this is your STARTER. FILL INTO EACH GLASS A SPOONFULL OF THIS YOGHURT, FILL UP WITH COLD MILK OF YOUR TASTE. SORRY, I LIKE 3-5 % FULLFAT MILK.
than the rest will be done by the machine. basically i put the glasses in about 9-1o pm and the yogurt is done by 7 in the morning. AND OFF IN THRE REFRIDGERATOR. the instructions are very easy to read and to follow. the machines are also foolproof. plug it in, it is set to the right temperature and does the rest. when you are finish eating all but 2, make with the second last one yogurt the same procedure again. you can use your yogurt up to 10 times as a starter. when yo usee it gets thinner and weaker ( the spoon stands in your yogurt) than you buy a new yogurt in the shop. and do it all over again.
if you want, you can put jam at the bottom of the gl**** one spoon of starter yogurt, slowly pour in the cold milk and next morning you have fruit flavored yogurt. without thickener, coloring agents or gelatine.

Viagra Girl
29-07-2005, 04:36
[QUOTE=Benedikt]...interesting, no posts the last 30 days, everybody is dieting, and has a 'sure thing'. no-one wants to share the secrets with the site..
My secret is simple - not to eat :stop:

29-07-2005, 10:13
..don't do that viagra girl, if the idea gets around, i would be out of a job..if no-one eats i have to close my restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
what a horrible thought!!

29-07-2005, 15:29
I've always made whole liters yogurt on the stovetop, without any sort of specialized machine. Just put the milk in a large pan, heat it almost to boiling to kill most of the bacteria, and let it cool a bit. Then stir in your spoonsful of starter, cover the pan, and keep it warm overnight. The yogurt will have fermented by morning; just drain off the water, transfer the rest to whatever container(s) you have, and store it in the fridge.

In addition to fruit, jam, and other sweet stuff, the yogurt can be flavored with chives, dill, cushed garlic, freshly ground black pepper, etc., and used in cooking various Middle Eastern and Central Asian dishes.

You can also strain the yogurt through filter paper or cheesecloth to produce a mock sour cream/cream cheese. I agree that using whole milk results in a superior product.

29-07-2005, 16:39
..that's how i also did it in the beginning. but we had an old electro plate, the temperature was to warm, than putting some underliners under the pot was also not right. tried to do the thing in the oven, with the door open, to many misses. so i bought the little yogurtmaker from moulinex and now even our daughter can make yogurt, and of course it is much more fun to eat than the store bought stuff.
my grandmother used to do it also your way, but when i asked her ( at later years), the answer was always, as with all recipes from all grandmothers, a little of this and when it is to warm, pull it on this side,we still had a wood oven, or when using this pot, than it must stand on that side.
god bless her, but she was the best cook in the world.

29-07-2005, 16:50
Recommend too flavoring the yougurt with mint. This makes a wonderful sauce for fried eggs, roast lamb, curried rice and chicken....