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29-10-2010, 00:03
Does anyone can help me with TEHOSMOTOR ?
I bought car before 1,5 month , and they told me that in first year i need to get it . But i forgot it . Does anyone know a person in GAI , and price for i get it ?
thanks in advance .

Uncle Pasha
30-10-2010, 13:54
Last time (about April 2010) it cost me 3500 roubles and it was done through a well-connected insurance agent. Actually I did it through him twice. Once is took two weeks; the other time it was just a few days. Probably it would not be appropriate for me to put you in touch with him directly because people in this business try to avoid new contacts but I can relay your request IF IT IS AN ORDINARY SITUATION, I.E. THE VEHICLE IS REGISTERED TO A RUSSIAN CITIZEN.


PS. A question from me. I need a BOAT OPERATOR LICENCE. I've attended the required courses but would really want to avoid learning a bunch of arbitrary and profoundly irrelevant rules. Does anybody have contacts in the Min. of Emergencies (they are currently responsible for boat licences)? I have all the documents (course note, health certificate, payment). I just don't want to prepared for the silly exam. If possible I would love not even attend their office. Sitting there this summer listening to their lectures left me traumatized and highly motivated NOT to ever go there again..

30-10-2010, 21:40
Thanks for your reply Pasha .
I found friend-friend that works in GAI . He will do to me for 1.000 only .
thats good , because already stoped me in center and i paid 1500 for i go ..

10-11-2010, 05:48