View Full Version : Afisha picnic

26-07-2005, 10:29
Anyone in Moscow going to the Afisha Picnic on Saturday? I really want to see M83 (and I guess I'm interested enough in seeing Sons and Daughters, since it's free and all), but I really tend to hate the crowds that come out for Afisha events.

Some questions for anyone who may actually know the answers:

Does each attendee actually need a ticket, or is one ticket good for two, or can people just show up...?
Does anyone know where I can find an approximate schedule, so that I don't show up when, say, M83 has just finished?
Does anyone know the deal with WiFi there? The magazine said there would be free WiFi, but will this be in a confined area (can you confine it?) or everywhere? I guess it'd be kind of cool to sit around watching live music outdoors with a beer and a notebook.
Finally, what is the booze situation gonna be like?

29-07-2005, 10:29
top...surely someone is at least considering going?

29-07-2005, 15:20
I am planning to go there.
Sounds nice