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25-07-2005, 17:58
I need advice on a database solution, should be able to do the following:

First it should have the ability to restrict access levels depending on user, in English language

Client information section (CLS):

Ability to enter info from regular calls simple note entering with time, date, name of person entering etc
Simple reminder system, via a diary reminder/appointment etc
Mail-shot/letter writing/fax program

Marketing and Sales and PR (business development):

Simple contact database that will enable fax/mailing/telephone/emailing system to send regular updates, pipeline business, publications with PR info etc


Simple report generating system which can show whether various targets/milestones etc have been met and/or relevant info in normal reporting


Where information regarding price per unit and unit information can be entered and updated as required
Simple system that can calculate, based on the unit price and the amount required, a simple bill of quantities


A simple stock control item cost per unit, amount held, amount on order, issued to, etc (can be incorporated into the above section)


Similar to CLS but more simple, just a record of relevant details and records of warnings, bonus, works etc


Information on specific projects, which link to CLS and Purchasing and Inventory where needed, also have all relevant project stages maybe linked to Microsoft Project

I suspect it will need to be purpose built or adapted, anyone that can help with either building or recommending an off the shelf system which can be adapted, that would be great, this is for a start up business so no massive budget available

Cheers, Len

27-07-2005, 21:57
There are two ways:
1. To create the soft.
2. To buy and then adapted it.
There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages for both ways. First way will be more expensive but more flexible.
I recommend you to buy CRM system and adapted it.
As for me, I worked only with SuperOffice CRM. It has a data restrict access, really good contact database, client information section (calls, appointment), you send mail via program, don't remember about fax. And there are a lot of reports. I'm not sure about Purchasing, Inventory, Personnel and Projects. But the all data is stored in MS SQL 2000. So you can hire a programmer for creating this points or buy another program and make a link between CRM system and this program.
Anyway feel free to ask me. But I'm on vacation till August 15th. So I can disappear and don't reply soon. ;)

27-07-2005, 22:48
Hi Len,

Point your browser to www.hipergate.org and have a look. Hipergate is an open source (free) professional system designed to run on multiple architectures and databases. It is well documented and has large community support. There is a demo on the website so you can try out the system.

I am not sure if it does exactly everything you need so you need to look at the details.

I wanted to use this system but my ISP only supports mysql databases (which Hipergate does not support) and I did not want to run a server myself. Otherwise it seemed perfect!

Good luck!

28-07-2005, 10:04
Thanks Dan, and all that have PM'd me, god I love this site :)

Will let ya know how I get on


29-07-2005, 18:30
if you don't hate Gates too much: Business Contact Manager works under outlook.