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25-10-2010, 19:21
Does anyone know anything of this city? Is there work to be found there?

25-10-2010, 23:06
Are you a lumberjack?
There could be work felling trees there ...:11629:

26-10-2010, 00:58
Are you a lumberjack?
There could be work felling trees there ...:11629:
Haha, nice joke and no.

26-10-2010, 01:01
I go to Tomsk around once every two years. It's a charming exception to the ugly grimness of many of Siberia's cities. It's the first university town of Siberia (they are very proud of this!) and the city has a high student population. It also had the first foreign bookstore in Siberia (long since turned into some soviet institution). There are 1-2 nice buildings from the C19th - what's now the Department Store was once a German-owned supermarket offering high-end consumer goods in the C19th. Also there's a hotel (at the junction of Lenin Street and the other main street whose name I forget) which ought to be an Art-Deco palace if it was properly cared-for and restored (I doubt that will happen, however). The City River Station offers river trips up and down the River Tom - primarily to dacha developments and villages, but there might be some kind of excursion you could make out of that?

The four most unusual features of Tomsk:

the centre of town has almost no soviet-era crappy buildings
the former High Street (now Lenin Street) is almost unchanged from when Tomsk was a city on the Great Siberian Tract in the C18th. There even used to be horse-troughs there until they were taken away in the 1980s
the historic centre of town is still made up of Siberian wooden houses - many extremely palatial in style and scope. In the rest of Siberia these houses are being pulled-down willy-nilly and no-one seems to care
Tomsk isn't on the Trans-Siberian Railway. The city elders didn't want the rail line - they thought it would bring crime & grime into their town. As a result the town was sidelined by Novosibirsk. A spur line runs from Novosibirsk, although actually the bus is quicker & cheaper. There is a huge rivaly between Tomsk & Novosibirsk - one a small, genteel, highly-educated & somewhat conservative town... the other a sprawling mass of casinos and DIY stores with the sophistication of a 6-pack of beer. I know which I prefer :)) But Tomsk is a small little place - unless you made a circuit of friends there, you might get bored soon.

Living costs are very low in Tomsk :)
So are salaries :(