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23-07-2005, 14:24
A blog I follow called the Belmont Club (http://www.fallbackbelmont.blogspot.com/) which pointed me to this effort by British writers speaking out against the fascism of the Islamicists. The name of the group is Unite Against Terror. (http://www.unite-against-terror.com/) Very good stuff, if you have any doubt that this fight is not wholly owned by the right-wing you should read these essays.

The writer of the Belmont Club makes a point about the defense against terror attacks. (http://fallbackbelmont.blogspot.com/2005/07/second-wave-of-london-attacks.html) He compares terror defense to the defense the US navy put up against kamikaze planes during WWII.

When faced with the suicide attack problem (Kamikazes) during the Second World War, US fleets adopted the concept of the layered defense around battlegroups, consisting of attacking enemy airfields, providing a radar picket on enemy lines of approach, creating a combat air patrol to intercept incoming Kamikazes and then presenting a succession of long, medium and short-range antiaircraft fire, before finally falling back on warship evasion, armor and damage control. Each component in the defense contributed its statistical share of the defense. The debate surrounding the prosecution of the war on terror can be conceptually split, though not very neatly, between those who advocate a layered defense with a forward-deployed component (coordination with 'friendly' Muslim countries, involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa, etc), plus everything in between, and those who would rely primarily on terminal or close-in defenses (national IDs, CCTV cameras, border control, etc) in the homeland. A small percentage of policy advocates believe that a complete reliance on nearly passive close-in defenses ("support the troops, bring the boys home", build bridges to Muslim communities, etc) would be adequate to protect the public against terrorism. Over the coming years, the value of every aspect of the defense will be highlighted by different incidents. Some attacks will be stopped by an alert security guard, others will be pre-empted in a land so distant the public will never even know that the attacks were mounted. But they are all needed. If any lives were saved in London today, it probably means that a deep defense makes a difference.