View Full Version : Any Brits out there about to have first Christmas in Russia?

15-10-2003, 14:04
Are you about to have your first Christmas living abroad?

My name is Adrian Monti and Iím a feature writer for the long-established weekly magazine WOMAN back in the UK. We are putting together a light-hearted feature about what it is like living abroad at Christmas. Is it great not having the turkey, tree and all the trimmings- or do you actually long for that rather than sit on a hot beach? If you have moved abroad, and are about to have your first Christmas living abroad experienced, maybe you can get in touch, and tell me your story. It will just involve a quick chat on the phone, sorting out some photos, and you even get PAID for your time and trouble. And youíll be in WOMANís very glossy Christmas edition so all your friends and family at home can see how youíre getting on. If you can help, please email me back on adrian@amonti.freeserve.co.uk or call me on 01273 777693. Please feel free to pass this posting on to anyone who you think can help.
All the best

15-10-2003, 14:25
This should not be for free

DJ Biscuit
15-10-2003, 15:35
Eight Xmas's and counting...

15-10-2003, 15:48
I think we had better start saving now for that Butterball Turkey :p

9th Crimbo here, spent 95 in the UK.

15-10-2003, 16:45
Bernard Mathew's turkeys are better.
Bootiful, real bootiful!