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15-10-2003, 12:29
On September 11, 2002, I purchased two Aeroflot tickets from Avantix.ru, Moscow - New York, for myself and my wife to visit my friends and family for Christmas.

At that point, we were not sure if my wife would be able to get a visa in time. That is why I made sure to ask the travel agent at Avantix.ru when I bought them that I would be able to exchange them or use them as credit for another ticket in the future.

It turns out that we were right about not getting the visa in time, but dead wrong about being able to exchange the tickets. This is because the travel agent on the phone and in person failed to properly explain the fare rules. It is also because Avantix fails to properly train its staff.

Now we don't even get any frequent flyer credit out of it. I mean, come on Avantix, give me SOMETHING, throw me a bone!

Avantix.ru doesn't really save you much time anyway. Sure they have a courier, but if lots of cash is involved they will ask you to come to the office anyway.

I suggest you use their web site to find the airline with the best fare, then go directly to that airline and buy the ticket....

This link has the full correspondence between me and the management and staff of Avantix.ru.

11-11-2003, 22:26
Cyanide, Whenever travelling abroad, I use www.glavstravel.com. Ask for Neli, and tell her that Marc referred you. I'm in Alaska and have used her for years. She also offers Visa support at VERY reasonable prices...Just a thought..;)

12-11-2003, 10:02
Cyanide, as far as I remeber you already posted the same message one month back.........What for you are posting it once again?

29-11-2003, 14:24
[i've posted this again, as it seems i posted to an old version of this message . . . .]

I was recently scammed by Alpha Omega, and I would strongly recommend that anyone and everyone avoid them. Their scam involves changing the price--negotiated in USD--into GBP at a very unfavourable rate, and then blaming any discrepency between the price paid and the price invoiced (in our case, 9%) on Mastercard/Visa.

If you've done business with them, I'd take a look at what you were actually billed, and see if it compares with the price paid. They will say it's due to MC/Visa's exchange rate, but it's not--it's their exchange rate, which varies in its usuriousness.

As for the people who told the original poster to let it go--well, it's easy to say, but it's also easy to get really angry when you have been cheated by what you assume is a legitimate business, and then have them blatently lie to you.

in my case, caveat emptor perhaps--i should have checked the actual exchange rate on GBP . . . .