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21-10-2010, 10:57
I've found a nice car we might buy (official dealer will check it over first on monday) and since my girlfriend has never owned a car before I'd like to ask a few things (since we've gotten some conflicting reports from friends)

- The car will be registered to my girlfriend, who has never had a car not a driving license but I've been told this is not an issue and I can be on the insurance.

- The technical inspection (certificate) : does the car dealer usually take care of this (as would be the case in my home country) or do you first register the car and then have to make the technical inspection document in order? How much time does one get for this if that is the case?

- For the abovementioned document I am told that only the owner of the car needs to have a medical certificate (even though she will not drive at all) not me the driver ? Hearing conflicting stories on that one.

- Does anyone have a good insurance company to recommend? (english speaking staff would be a plus though not necessary) it's not going to be the cheapest car in the world to insure ('04 Audi RS6)
I've had my license for 12 years and in Belgium I'm down to the lowest risk category never having had an accident, not sure if that means something here.

Thanks in advance!

21-10-2010, 11:11
It better ask the dealer to help with these works. it will cost you a bit extra, but no hassle and frustration (if you're new to Russia)

12-12-2010, 21:19
If you would like I can give you the name of an individual who can assist with the registration of your car. He helped me when we first purchased our car and saved us alot of time. Just let me know.

14-12-2010, 16:22
1) Owner of the car ( to whom it register) may 90yrs old blind granpa,who has not driving licence :) I mean ownership and person in insurance are not connected. Btw if youe girlfriend will drive in future she can be written like beneficiary in insurance.

2) All good dealers provide registration in GAI and technical inspection( tekhosmotr) for moderate price ( around 5-10k RUB). They will just make power of attorney and bring your car to GAI for all procedures without your participation.

3) If you do technical inspection and registration of the car via delaer no medical documents needed at all.
If you would like to do it yourself it may be needed, but as far as i know according to the new regulation mediacal certificate is not required anymore to complete technical inspection

4) I have positive experience with Ingosstakh. My old car was damaged twice and both times i received all the documents for repaiting very smoothly.

Hope this helps

14-12-2010, 17:12
I second Ingosstrakh, they have paid out a couple of times with little fuss for minor accidents......

15-12-2010, 18:46
Thanks all,

We bought the car in september and registration via the car dealer went smoothly. I do believe we paid 15k for the techosmotor but OK not too bad.

We got recommended a nice lady who works for an insurance company and she was a pleasure to deal with (Rosno)

The only real problem at this point is that we've bought a car that nobody in Moscow seems to have a clue about (technically).
We've tried 2 official Audi centers so far and they are completely clueless about servicing or repairing an RS6. Too complicated for them :verymad:
Then again I'm told is is the case almost everywhere in the world as well, UK and Germany aside :(

16-12-2010, 16:07
You are right - RS6/RS4 are very rare even in Moscow.
Btw have you tried Audi Center Taganka ( Autospeccenter) ? I heard its one of the best dealers in Moscow.

16-12-2010, 21:05
You are right - RS6/RS4 are very rare even in Moscow.
Btw have you tried Audi Center Taganka ( Autospeccenter) ? I heard its one of the best dealers in Moscow.

Yes we went there to get the car inspected pre-purchase...not very impressed with their "conclusions" on some faults that were stored in the ECU. I've since bought an OBD cable and software to access it myself and I wish i had bought that earlier.

My gf got in touch with Audi's PR and they set us up with their "VIP mechanic" who was supposed to be very good. Still no clue, sadly. Had to spell everything out for them (which annoyed them slightly) and they still didn't manage to solve it. They even admitted that they don't have much experience with such a complicated car. Yet they had a new RS6 V10TT in the showroom I bet that ain't easy to work on either.......
This was the big dealer at Leningradskoye shosse near Shere.

I'll try to post on audi-club.ru see if anyone good mechanics lurk there.