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20-07-2005, 15:13
Hope somebody can help me out with this query, I'm sure you get things like this all the time!

The problem is this:

My fiancee will soon be heading for Russia to work for Russia Today (any thoughts on if that is a good work opportunity or not are very welcome too), and I plan to join her sometime in the late summer. I'd like to work once I get to Russia, preferably in a graphic design/communications agency (any names etc welcome too!).

Do I need to have an employee name/address before I head to Russia, or can I arrive unemployed and seeking work? (I envisage resigning my post before leaving the UK) If so, what paperwork etc will I need for my 1 year business visa? Its proved very confusing so far with countless different answers to this problem. One answer was that I should have a letter from my current employer stating my position and status etc, is this the correct case?

Any thoughts are very welcome


20-07-2005, 15:17
Check www.visahouse.com -- you can order a multi-entry business visa invite from them. You shouldn't need any letters from any employers. Then you can search for work over here.

20-07-2005, 15:19
Talk to Angus Robb at Direct Passport and Visa Company, 12 Chepstow Road, London W2 5BD

020 7229 1412

He will give you all the information you need. Highly reliable service - have used them several times.