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18-10-2010, 13:31
Hello everyone! I'm Roopa, a Malaysian studying medicine in Moscow. I've seen this site from time to time (via Google & Yahoo, though I can't remember which one actually led me here), and signed-up years back, thinking that it was a wonderful website (not that it isn't!) .. but then I got all caught up in daily mundane activities, and forgot all about it.. forgot my password amongst other things.. anyway, I'm back and determined to make the most of this site.. meet new people (whom I believe should be as wonderful as this site :)) , new opportunities ( I'm lacking in Russian Language skills that sorely need buffing up) and share my view and experiences here in Moscow :):10220:

18-10-2010, 21:05
Hi Roopa, enjoy your stay on this forum and feel free to share your thoughts :)

Bobby D
19-10-2010, 10:33
Get involved! The people on here are knowledgeable and great fun...

Darya Alexandrovna
19-10-2010, 11:41
Shalimar... Shalimar the Clown?! :)
beautiful book!

15-02-2011, 13:54
Hey Roopa and hey guys! I am also new here. like Roopa i found this site via yahoo. I've been searching for places where i could share anything with regards to website hosting. I just hope i won't get kicked out from this place and hope to find people who have the same field as me.