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14-10-2003, 16:50
Peole! Does anybody know where in Moskow I can get a Russian Histiry School Book for a 12 year old in English? I started to teach a canadian student but I need a book!!!

14-10-2003, 17:15
Have you tried Dom Kniga on Noviy Arbat ? They have a rather large collection of English language books. I can't attest that they have Russian History books, but I'd definitely check there unless someone else knows otherwise.

There alre also a number of small English language book stores, which I'm sure others can point you to.

15-10-2003, 19:59
Hi! Thanks a lot! I will check it out.

16-10-2003, 03:52
aside from checking dom knigi, also try "innostraniye knigi" on kuznetsky most. the prices are kinda high, and i'm not really sure if they'll have a history text specifically appropriate for that age group, but it'd be worth a peek.
it's in the middle of the cobble-stoned strech of kuznetsky most next to the moldovan embassy (around the corner from the 36*6 apteka). usually i would also recommend biblio globus, but i'm less confident in their selection of english-language books.

17-10-2003, 02:04
Angie - I'm in the US right now and will be headed back to Moscow next week. PM me if you want me to bring a book back from here. My luggage will probably be so far overweight that one more book won't matter....