View Full Version : Boxing in Moscow

16-10-2010, 02:38
Anybody know of any boxing gyms in Moscow?? I would like to give it a crack in my free time as I have nothing better to do... probably get my arse jicked but atleast I will get fit............. I live in metro bagrateonovskaya the clossr the better btu any suggestions are good:) peace

20-10-2010, 00:15
I saw a place in the northwest on the purple line that does boxing and different martial arts. It seems if they do tae kwon do, they will have time set aside for boxers. It's BOX in Russian btw.

20-10-2010, 13:55
Lion Club in Krylatskoe is great.....Boxing, Ju Jitsu and kick boxing......great gym set up and great trainers!!!
PM me for contact details.

20-05-2011, 14:47
Lion is the way to go! No straight boxing there, but there is thai boxing and BJJ. Great facilities and trainers, like Dino wrote above

20-05-2011, 22:48
There is a good one in Gorki 10 Rublevka, west of Moscow. In karate also, where they have many champions including some world champions/ some are world champions, as they travel to competitions throughout the world.