View Full Version : i know flowers are no fun, but i couldn't help it:)

19-07-2005, 13:26
got back from the gardens and woods of moscow region. this is my brightest impression=)

a bit scared to post cause every time i do so get negative rep points. to those who do not approve of what i say - moorka says: peace, luv ya all=))


19-07-2005, 13:41

and one more thing i'd like to share - they were decided to go ahead and let everyone know that there is water in the pond, not some strange water-like liquid. but they have failed to spell the word=))

noe it's time for new red points

Britanski Soldat
19-07-2005, 13:50
Great photo of the water................despite the t*ssers getting the spelling incorrect.

Moorka, It seems to me that you are a professional photographer already............

19-07-2005, 13:53
and yes - before i create too much confusion with this second pic - the sign is actually "шатер" ("tent") but it looks so much like "water" that i just couldn't miss it=)

Britanski Soldat
19-07-2005, 13:58
I am sorry but I recall from my very limited Russian that tent is 'palatka' or simply 'tent'.

Is a "шатер" a special type of tent? This man needs educating................!

19-07-2005, 14:05
you're right, BS, this is the most common word for the tent.

as i understand this - "шатёр" is a kind of an oriental tent, or a circus tent as well.

Britanski Soldat
19-07-2005, 14:13
Is it 'Shatyor' or 'Shater' - you seem to be spelling it differently to how they are spelling it?

Which is correct?

19-07-2005, 14:36
well. technically it is "shatyor"="шатёр", but in russian it is totally ok to replace the "ё" with "e" so that they don't have to hang the dots over it unless they really want to:)) (see the sign of "ё-life" for example)

20-07-2005, 19:04
many thanx for all the green points, guys:) it looks like i better stick to the darkroom, since i have found such a nice atmosphere here;)

Britanski Soldat
20-07-2005, 19:08
Yes, the pace of life seems more placid and peaceful here with less offensive chat.

Cor blimey, it is getting boring here now I have had my meditation for today...........Keep up the good work Moorka, I know need to kick ar*e!