View Full Version : Rwanda 'hip-hop pigs' to help beat poverty with happiness

14-10-2010, 12:25

'Hip-hop pigs' in Rwanda that are being reared with music are so happy - and the quality of their meat so high as a result - that they could help combat poverty, apparently.

Self-styled pig DJ Edmund Ndizeye feeds his swine a varied diet of hip-hop, reggae, R'n'B, love songs and local tunes, much to their delight.

After they've eaten, he plays soft ballads like Celine Dion or Bob Marley to help the animals relax and digest, while later he churns out more aggressive dance tracks - such as Jay-Z or 2Pac - to perk them up.

'When we want to make them pregnant we have to put on strong music, so that the males can be strong and virile,' says his boss, Gerard Sina.

Sina says he discovered the pig-rearing technique in Belgium six years ago and has witnessed dramatic results since putting it to use at Urwibutso, his farm in the north of the African country.

'Human beings like music so I asked myself, why not for animals?' he remarks.

'I have a sample which have been reared with music and another without. Those reared with music double their yields in terms of number of offspring, the quality of the meat and their weight.'

Sina, who feeds his pigs on leftovers from his restaurant and fruit-juice processing plant, points out that his enterprise is fully organic and sustainable, with nothing going to waste - even the pigs' poo.

Furthermore, he gives away around 150 piglets to local families every month in a move aimed at helping combat poverty in the area.

'It can easily reduce poverty and food security in this region. This is a way of eradicating unemployment,' he reckons.