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17-07-2005, 22:50
Please post your comments, whether positive or negative, regarding the process of obtaining a Russian Business/Commercial/M.E/Tourist Visa in this country.

Uptodate information (cost, waiting time, service, medical documentation, etc, etc) from your last trip is greatly appreciated and WILL assist other expats.

If any of the contact info is incorrect, i'd be obliged if you'd let me know.



Address: Via Sant'Aquilino, 3, 20148, Milan, Italy

Phone: +39 (02) 400-92113, 487-06041, 487-05912, 487-07301

Email: consolato.russo.mi@iol.it or consul.rus.mi@iol.it or info@consolatorussomilano.org

Fax: +39 (02) 400-90741

Website: http://users.iol.it/consolato.russo.mi


Address: Via Gaeta, 5, 00185, Roma, Italy

Phone: +39 (06) 4423-4149, 4423-5625

Email: Ambrus@flashnet.it or russia.emb@flashnet.it or valeryl@tin.it

Fax: +39 (06) 4423-4031


18-07-2005, 10:47

Address: via Sant'Aquilino, 3 - 20148 Milano

Phone: 02/48706041

Email: consolato.russo.mi@iol.it

Fax: 02/40090741

Website: http://users.iol.it/consolato.russo.mi


Also, see this website for all the above info. However it is only in Italian or Russian. http://www.ambrussia.com/

Don't bother with email. Remember they are 1) Russian and 2) in Italy. There's no way you're ever going to get a reply. Probably the two worst countries I've experienced in terms of service.

That being said, I went to Milan and had a very pleasurable experience. I speak Italian and passable Russian so that probably helped I'm sure. However, the Milan consulate seems to usually have someone on staff who speaks English. So even if you speak neither Italian nor Russian I would still recomend it.

I got my business visa (visti d'affari) in 45 minutes for 130 Euros. That is much faster and cheaper than the $300 I paid in Washington DC and I believe cheaper than a one-day in London as well.

Oh, and if you're American don't forget to fill out the AMERICAN application sheet. You can get that on the Russian Washington DC consulate site. This is because of the "reciprocity" for America's tougher visa requirements after 9/11. But you must also fill out the regualr visa application as well. This application is readily available at the Milan consulate or online at the website.

Finally, the consulate is a bit out of the way but is still within walking distance from the metro station "Lotto". Or you can get a taxi, even easier.

Sorry, don't know about Roma but I recommend Milano.

Good Luck!

21-07-2005, 14:01
Rome was great last September - no queue, cheap (1-yr business visa was about EUR150 I think), done in less than an hour, and even with a smile. You will need an HIV certificate though.