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12-10-2010, 12:49
Dear friends!

We invite families or singles that share the idea of eco-living in the countryside to spend 2-4 days in our premises.

Our country house is located some 140km South-West of Moscow in the eco-village of Kovcheg (next to Bobyli village, 30km from the city of Maloyaroslavets, Kaluga region). 2 hour drive from MKAD.

You will learn how to:

- Build hay&clay houses (saman type) and other eco-technologies as well;

- Arrange effective autonomous central heating, water supply, sewage, assemble Russian stove;

- To give birth at home. Our 2 little daughters were born here by the assistance of the father;

- Educate and bring up little children fаr from a city (Anna teaches in accordance with Mantessori system as well as German language;

- Bake home made bread and blend the herbal teas.

We offer warm hospitality, friendly welcome, crystal clear air, pure well spring water, vegetarian cousine, full board, clear linens and hot water in the shower.

Should you request, the collection at Maloyaroslavets railstation can b arranged free of charge.

Please mind that auto road are in poor shape on the way to our premises (Land Rover Defender is recommended) http://www.eco-kovcheg.ru/gallery2.html

We charge 5'000 rubles/person for the weekend.

Feel free to contact us any time!

E-mail: njkz52@rambler.ru
8-(910)-605-22-35 Anatoly
8-(910)-607-32-79 Anna

12-10-2010, 13:26
I am sorry, is Mantessori system the same is Montessori?:confused1:

12-10-2010, 14:57
I think it is Montessori method. They just misspelled it.