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Bill Beetham
17-07-2005, 17:31

Have the Visa rules for UK citizens recently?

My school insists that I Need an AIDS test for my multiple-entry visa. Is that true?

Further, on the UK Russian Consulate website, it says that original Letters of Invitation are required - mine has been telexed through..... is that sufficient?

There's never enough time, is there????


Bill Beetham

17-07-2005, 17:42
Hi, Bill.

You should be fine with the telexed version of your letter.

I was told recently that only businessmen (i.e., people entering Russia on a commercial visa) are allowed in without having to take an HIV/AIDS test. Apparently, the Russian government considers students and workers recruited abroad as more dangerous than your average business type.

Obviously, they haven't spent much time in places like the Boar House.... :rolleyes:

Bill Beetham
17-07-2005, 18:45

Sorry - I forgot to mention that it's a 12 month multi-entry business visa. Does anyone know for certain whether or not I need an AIDS test...... it's not a proiblem if I do..... 2 days on the NHS.

Bill Beetham

17-07-2005, 18:51
You're sure it says "Commercial" instead of "Work" visa? Your school should have gotten you the latter, I think....

Anyway, it's no biggie; I had an AIDS test done before I got my new visa and was then told I hadn't needed to, but the law here can change overnight, as I'm sure you know.

I at least have the peace of mind of having my certificate in the event of some nameless official demanding to see it.

17-07-2005, 19:21
I got my 12 months multientry business in London, and haven't supplies a HIV test..But as shatner mentioned, rules and regulations do change rather quickly....:cussing:

17-07-2005, 22:06
Be on the safe side and get the test done.

18-07-2005, 01:16
You could try ringing your local Russian Embassy/Consulate and asking them. I didn't need one for the visa, but I needed one carried out in Russia for registration/extension (I can't remember which) of the visa.

18-07-2005, 01:37
I believe the Aids test is now required for all longer/serious visa, including the 12 month multi-entry business visum.

Think this changed about 6 months ago or so. However I am not a specialist on this topic (neither want to be).

Better get it....

Bill Beetham
19-07-2005, 18:21

Well, I got one - very interesting it was, too. Spent the best part of a morning surrounded by methodone drones in various states of mind/undress/food retention (mostly lack of), but we all had a good laugh..... strange to tell.

4 hrs on the NHS - dashed good value, I reckon.

Bill Beetham

ps - it's funny, really. The official London Consulate website makes no mention of an AIDS certificate..... other than an oblique reference to needing one if you're only applying for an entry visa, then saying that exits visas are included in standard issue multi-entry jobs, so you don't need one. Then again, most of the "collection" agencies seem to want one, so it's definitely the way to go.

22-07-2005, 00:33
Dear Bill- did you also get the lab report from the hospital (usually sets you back around 40?) If not and you are required to have a negative HIV status, than just a letter won't do.

Anyway, 12 month multi-entry in London doesn't need HIV test, does it?

22-07-2005, 02:43
I have just got a Multi Entry visa from london. Coming back to Moscow next Wednesday. Yes you need an HIV test certificate for any visa over a period of six months. I got mine in Odentsova. Of course you can get it in Moscow centre or whats more appropriate for you.

Business visas copies are okay, however Multi entry you do need the original invitation plus a business cover letter from your employer who will state that they are financially liable for you.

22-07-2005, 02:50
Just noticed you checked the Russian Consulate I think thats RUSEMBLON.com You should discover that Multi Entry require the original, although for some strange reason other business visa invitations can be faxed. For information of others, the three month personal invitation must be original, that is a pain

22-07-2005, 03:05
Please note, a mistake I made, if you are visiting the russian Embassy, and the long Queue involved, it costs 150 to apply for a multi visa, they are the most expensive. I eventually used an agency at www.visatorussia.com and paid 175 for their services. Thats just an extra 25 over the fee at the Russian Embassy. they returned all my documents, passport and visa within two days

24-07-2005, 02:39
yes they need VIH attest for long term VISA (+ 3 months). This attest should be not older than 3 month. And you need the original of the invitation for business VISA. A copy is OK for touristic VISA.

Have a good day.


25-07-2005, 08:46
Last time I got a multi-entry visa in London (March) I was not asked for an HIV certificate. I can strongly recommend both Visas Direct (Angus Robb) (search this forum) and ruvisa.co.uk
If you contact either of them, they will tell you what the latest requirements are. They do dozens of visas every day.