View Full Version : General discussion board needed.

Larry Paradine
12-10-2010, 09:50
Last night I felt one of those periodic urges to have a good rant about something; in this case, about con men (and con women) who defraud pensioners. Unfortunately there's no section in this forum where that sort of subject fits in, but I believe that it's a matter that merits debating. There are boards where members can vent their political and religious beliefs, but crime and social concerns deserve a board of their own. Eventually I abbreviated my projected tirade into a few sentences in what I suppose I should admit is my pidgin Russian, and submitted it to the Russian language section, where my grammar and spelling will probably be a cause of merriment but the message I wanted to project (that confidence tricksters are a major menace not only to newly arrived tourists) won't get through. Administrators, please set up a general discussion board for topics that don't dovetail into existing boards.