View Full Version : Lled's Weekend Top Tip

16-07-2005, 16:13
Inspired by a comment in another thread (by me, so I am not plagiarising and I don't even know what the word means):

Top Tip - if you have a memory problem

Simply create a very close shave with serious death or calamitous injury and you will automatically see your whole life flash before your eyes ! Instant lifetime memory restoration !

Suggested near-death situations to create will follow....

16-07-2005, 16:31
I think that's enough rum for you.

16-07-2005, 16:32
I think that's enough rum for you.

I see you too have been inspired by other threads. Nice avatar. You're gonna pull big time on Monday nights at the BH.

16-07-2005, 16:37
Spend half a day on this site trying to keep up with Hal's gibberish, this will lead you to smack your head repeatedly against a brick wall. Remember to stop prior to actually cracking your skull open.