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10-10-2010, 18:49

Does anyone know of a cheap or secondhand music/guitar shop? I'm looking to buy a cheapy acoustic guitar.


10-10-2010, 19:08
Not seen any second-hand music shops in Moscow :( Maybe have a look at www.molotok.ru ?

10-10-2010, 23:45
wow i was about to ask this very question! i left my guitar in the states and i need to buy a cheapo guitar to keep me going. thanks for posting.

11-10-2010, 00:12
A lot of the music shops in the centre of town are pretty snooty and charge outrageous prices :(

There is a friendly little music store in a poky basement up at Ul Raspletina (http://www.pop-music.ru/topgroup.php?tg=52), which is 10-15 minutes walk from Oktyabrskoe Pole metro station. They are catering to players, rather than rich parents wanting to buy a concert flute for little Ivan. It's not a fancy showroom.

They've got guitars from 1650R. The staff there are all musicians themselves, and they won't mess you around or hustle you into a purchase. I've bought gear from there myself on a couple of occasions, and friends I've recommended have come back saying what a great shop it was.

They're kinda hard to find - the entrance is from a door on the inner courtyard of the building. They have amps, synths, cases, strings, and all kinds of gear.

I'm not a guitarist myself so I can't speak for what they're selling - but their selection of keyboards, accessories etc is good and the prices are more than reasonable.

11-10-2010, 08:57
I saw a couple of shops selling acoustic guitars at m. Prazhskaya (grey line south) in "Elektronny Rai" mall. You can also search for them in Gorbushka market (m. Bagrationovskaya, blue line, west) or in the center near Neglinnaya ul (I remember both Rondo and Maestro there):

11-10-2010, 10:23
The Soyuz music/entertainment stores do some cheap-ish guitars - there is one in the Atrium mall by Kurskaya metro - it's on the third floor by the cinema. There is another one in Mega Tyoply Stan, and also on Leninsky prospect