View Full Version : Expat landlords can make communication easier for foreign tenants

Missouri Tiger
03-10-2010, 13:02
Dear Expat Forum members,

I am an expat (native English speaker) living in Moscow for many years. Prior to owning an apt I was also a tenant, and so I understand the importance of good communication & ongoing cooperation with your landlord. Rental payments, contracts, utilities & amenities (phone/cable TV/internet service) - included or not included, keeping good relations with neighbors, dealing with maintenance providers (plumbing, electric, etc.). I also speak / read fluent Russian. Feel free to post any questions or ask for advice, and I'll do my best to answer with feedback & suggestions.

P.S.- my apologies to the Expat site adminstrators for posting an ad to rent out my apt in this section, but I first tried to put my ad in the "marketplace" sections. I discovered that I do not have the required min 5 general posts needed to qualify for an ad in Marketplace. Please advise me better on how to use this site, as I don't use it much. My wife and I are the registered owners, not agents. Thanks!