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13-10-2003, 14:25
I need help in getting a visitor visa to Australia. I'm looking for someone that has experience dealing with the Australian Embassy.
My friend is a Russian Citizen (Medical Doctor) and has been refused a visa on technical grounds (not enough paper work for the bureaucratic morons who processed her application).

14-10-2003, 03:17
Hi I am originally from Australia, and the Australian Government is very much against foreign visitor especially those from the former CIS and in particular females. They are concerned about what a girl is doing in Australia and will the person over stay their visa.

If your friend just asks for a visa they most likely be rejected. Given your friend is a Doctor, look on the internet for medical conferences being held in Australia. If she had a letter saying that she was attending a conference it would help a lot. Also she would need to pre book her accommodation, show her travel arrangements, show her return air ticket, show that she has enough money to fund herself. Also include a letter from her employer that she has holidays and that she would like to visit Australia, that she has a good job in Russia and is a valuable employee and that on the return her job is ready for her. Also if she owns property include evidence, because if she owns a home in Russia it is unlikely that she will just run away from the home.

I hope this is of help to you.

14-10-2003, 07:48
Thanks mate..... will do. Excellent advice.

14-10-2003, 12:55
Found out more from the Australian Embassy.. You are right about having it into women from the CIS (and a few other countries I suspect).

Here is what they say about the refusal.....

"As part of the genuine visit assessment you were also effected by Public Interest Criterion 4011 of the Migration regulations (known as the "risk factor" criterion).

As you are a Russian female aged over 20 you fall within a class of persons specified by the Minister by gassette Notice for the purposes of Criterion 4011 (2) (b).

Because you fall within a risk factor specified in Criterion 4011 (2) you needed to satisfy me that there is very little likelyhood you will stay in Australia longer than your visa would allow if it were granted..."

Three long pages of a ultra clinical bureaucratic masterpiece finishes by saying.. there is very little likely hood of granting a visa etc etc etc.

So there you have it.... a prime example of how tick tock people in this world operate.

Tell bullshit and you are on your way to Australia ..... Cheat your way to a visa.... Being honest and sincere does not work... Good lesson to be learnt for any one viewing this post.

14-10-2003, 13:02
Hi Ian - sorry to hear it. It`s much the same over here in Blighty.

To get into our sceptic isle on a visitors`/ tourists` passport - theoretically very simple for a Russian lady - all she has to do is "prove she will return to Russia".

Which is impossible to prove. ;-))))

Usually it`s taken that a lady with a high salary, property and family back home will *possibly* return, but they just issue statements like that to show what good blokes they are.... then.. if your fiancee / friend can`t meet their impossible demands, the visa`ll never get issued, but....... well, they`ve passed on the impression of being fair and even handed. ;-)))

If they actually had a CLUE what they were talking about, they`d realise that not all of Eastern Europe is going to bugger off to the English speaking countries of the world at the drop of a shapkye. That`s their own little mean - mindness at work there...

14-10-2003, 13:30
I'll take Peterc's advice.... bullshit your way to a visa.

I contacted our local member of parliament... he's on the Government side so we may not get anywhere... at least they took an interest.

When I told the dudes in his office about the Moscow Embassy having it against women from Russia they acted a little surprised.

I was told by (several) that the visa section employ local's who have in against any application by a woman.

Seems from talking to few experienced souls that the only way to get action is to take it to Minister level for intervention. That applies for most if not all western countries...

14-10-2003, 13:52
Yes, it can come over as very harsh, and they dont generally handle these things well. But then, you onlyhave to look at the number of Eastern Europeans with no proper visa living/working in London to see that there IS a problem and they cant just 'let everyone in' - its difficult, becuase the people who genuinely just want a short holiday or to visit friends get ****ed over/humiliated...

15-10-2003, 03:03
It`s much the same over here in Blighty.

Usually it`s taken that a lady with a high salary, property and family back home will *possibly* return, but they just issue statements like that to show what good blokes they are.... then.. if your fiancee / friend can`t meet their impossible demands, the visa`ll never get issued, but....... well, they`ve passed on the impression of being fair and even handed. ;-)))

Dave, I really think that this varies. In my experience the UK is one of the best embassies to deal with. In my case I got a visitors visa for my girlfriend (later wife) when I was just a student in Moscow and so was she (poor family, no property etc).
The fact that I was a British citizen was repected I felt. Also after she had come over once and returned to Russia all the other visa's we did after we were married were a doodle.
This was a stark contrast to Canada where the entire visa process was a total f****ing nightmare bureaucratically and financially. The embassy treated us like s**t and the fact that I held a Canadian passport made no difference at all, I had to hire a Canadian immigration lawyer to complete the process. In fact the entire process seemed to be run by locally employed Russians who were all scumbags of one type or another. At least in the UK you know that your case will be dealt with by a British citizen and with respect at least in terms that you hold a British passport.

15-10-2003, 05:23
That's it... as from today I renounce all my other citizenships and will become a Brit as fast as possible.

God save the Queen.. lie back and think of mother England... Jonny Wilkinson for PM...

15-10-2003, 07:57
:D heehee

Well I didnt want to fly the flag too much but that was my own personal experience. Of course all these embassies and visa processes are bad but the UK was the best I encountered compared to Canada, but I know Brits who had a really crappy ride so I guess it depends who you get.
No idea what Australia would be like, but getting in touch with your MP should help.
For my process for my wife to Canada I ended up writing to the then Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister for Citizenship and Immigration. In the case of foreign affairs I know they did something because the Russian cow who conducted my wife's immigration interview told her they didn't appreciate "interference by outsiders", but funnily enough the whole process seemed to speed up considerably after that (hmm I wonder if theres a connection!). Still took 7 months though, from putting in the papers and paying the fees. Then in the 9th month I came over here with my wife on her permanent resident visa.