View Full Version : Back in the USSR

05-07-2005, 10:49
Did any of you (expats) live in Moscow during the good
old Soviet Union days?.I will be interested to know your
experiences.Was the militisia just as great as it is now?

05-07-2005, 11:10
.. i was here when tovaritch gorbi was still running the show, lived in a 'kommunalka' , stood in line for sausages, the metro was 5 kopeks, but my salary .... $, i had a great time.
there was only a small and grimy stockmann's at the gum, the diplomat supermarket at bol. grusinsky ul.
and in the beginning there was the first few times someone following me / us when i went out at night with my russian girlfriend... untill i suppose they saw that i am only a cook and had no big secrets...
we went to the intourist, bdown the basement forgot the name, THE watering hole fior foreigners and germas especially. but also in the hotle moscow, on the second floor, the spanish bar. a quite place, where for sure you would NOT meet someone from work.
it happened to us in gorki park of all places and of course the next day EVERYBODY knew who i was with....
cinema was with no popcorn, no taco chips and good old soviet propaganda.
BUT theater was great, i went often, and was impressed by the cheap shampansky and the butterbrote on the buffet. and the alyonka chocolates....