View Full Version : Insurance for my dog (BIG dog....)

25-09-2010, 17:39
we had a few instances around here, not involving ours thank God.
But i am trying,without much luck, to find a local company that, together with a normal household insurance policy, offers also something that does include pets.*(we also have a big tomcat).I approached already several companies, either they say they will get back to me (never did). or said, well that is included in the 'unforeseen circumstances section' of the household insurance. So i asked to write in extra the dog, no one seems to know that in the 'west' this is standard practice, with your household insurance you also have your pets included, just it is mentioned what is covered and what not. If you take your pooch or 'half calf' out without leash or bite restrainer, and the dog bites, the insurance will not pay. BUT it will pay if it happens in the home or apartment. Or the cat likes to sharpen the claws on the legs of a guest...
Anyone knows of such a company that does, decent premium, household and pet included, insurance?:)