View Full Version : A 34 y.o. male English teacher is looking for a flatmate in Moscow

Natella S.
25-09-2010, 14:20

My name is Natella and I am Russian. I am writing at the request of my colleague, a 34 y.o. English teacher from Canada, whos name is Adrian Cooper. He is looking for an expat or Russian to share a 2 room apartment or a large studio in Moscow. Adrian has lived in Moscow for about 10 working at BKC and EF. This year EF invited him to work for them again and found him a one-room apartment in Butovo for 26 000 rubles per month without a landline phone. For an area which is so far from the center, without a stationary phone the rent is too high. So, my colleague wants to save about 10 - 13 000 rubles a month and live closer to the center by sharing an apartment with another expat or Russian. I have known Adrian for several years and can tell that hes calm, decent and has a good sense of humour.

The average rent of a 2 room apartment in 3 6 stops from the ring line of the metro is 30 000 rubles per month. So, it will cost each of you 15 000 rulble a month.

If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact Adrian. His e-mail is coopea@yahoo.com, his Moscow cell phone is +7-985-241-44-49

If you have questions about my colleague Adrian please feel free to contact me. My e-mail is natella_s@mail.ru, my phone is 8-903-963-56-10

Best regards,