View Full Version : High Speed not-Stream.ru

02-07-2005, 13:00
I'm in central Moscow and due to a previous tenant my number is blacklisted from stream.ru. So I'm wondering if anyone has another suggestion for a high-speed net hookup that isn't ridiculously priced.

02-07-2005, 14:45
Hi, It all depends on your address. There are a bunch of providers, most good, some not, and if they are already in your building, or close to it, things are much easier. I consult on this stuff, and can put in wifi, if you are interested, and PM me.

02-07-2005, 21:47
We ran a number check with Stream and our number would've been fine, but we still went with a local (area) provider as they had a better rate for faster unlimited traffic. Look around the podyezd of your building. The local providers often have a sticker/ad there.

I'd also call Stream and tell them the situation - that the previous tenant no longer lives there. Show your passport, etc.