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21-09-2010, 22:36
I cant contact him.

My friend Luka Magnotta moved from Moscow to Tolyatti Russia, he said that as soon as he arrived there he was questioned at the airport but quickly resolved the issue and befriended the guard. The Russians are very suspicious of anyone, including Russians who lived abroad, since Luka is half Russian he was able to fit in fine, he looks more Russian then Italian. He told me that in the centre of Tolyatti there was a cafe and alot of Mafiosos frequented there and alot of business was done. They quickly made contact with my friend because of his looks I supose and Luka is very cautious and smart and they apparantly made money together there. There is alot of prostitutkas and crack heads in this city in Russia and the mafia runs ramped.. I explained to Luka that this is very dangers place to get out and he told me he knew what he was doing... they would frequently go to Mongolia over the mountains and I told him that armed robbery was going on there because drugs are smuggled from China, through Mongolia and onto Russia and the border guards would not allow anyone without a Russian citizenship to cross, he apparantly went with his new friends and he said he had little problems. I explained how risky it was since he was from the west and he told me he was leaving soon and didnt care. Next I heard from him he was in Nazaran whcich was in Caucas' and he was with people I could hear him very not clear.... I explain that this is most dangerous place in Russia and if not the world and alot of very bad people and problems, he told me not to worry and bad cell phone reception I cannot hear him. I called back to his phone and left message to get out quick! I never hear from him now since one month so I phoned his friend in Moscow and they have not heard from him either..... I understand he does not have any contact with his family and I am worried for him. Can someone tell me if I may call this city Nazran and speak to someone regarding my friend to help me find him?
Maybe the Russian mafia in Caucas's and Luka are having problems but I think Luka is very smart and will leave soon? He does not look like this anymore and when I saw him now I would not recognise him he looks very different, like tough Russian and he speaks good Russian now and he has very changed person I dont understand all this. Someone know anything?

Luka Magnotta , this is my friend photo, please tell me if u seen him.

22-09-2010, 13:06
Ingushetia Republics - Ministry for Internal Affairs:
Address: Russian Federation, 366720, Ingushetia Rep., Nazran' , ul. Itazova, 33
Phone: +7 (8732) 22-10-64

Togliatti - city dept of Ministry for Internal Affairs website:
Address: Russian Federation, 445954, Togliatti, Yuzhnoe shosse, 26

Duty dept/officers +7(8482) 39-10-51
Hotline +7(8482) 39-09-00