View Full Version : More "stickies" needed.

Larry Paradine
18-09-2010, 21:10
A lot of repetitive questions, and some unpleasant experiences, could be avoided if the administrators of this forum collated information on important topics and put it in "stickies" bearing informative titles. For example:

More than two years ago, I posted to the "Visas" board, warning British passport holders planning visa runs that the Russian Foreign Ministry had told all its European consulates (but hadn't informed anyone else) to order Brits (and Irish and Danish passport holders) to return to their country of origin and apply for visas at the Russian consulates in London/Edinburgh/Dublin/Copenhagen. I found this out when I turned up at the Russian consulate in Tallinn (Estonia) only to be told by the same official who'd issued a visa to me the previous year that I had to apply in London. Today, while looking though recent posts in that visa section (I didn't log in to the forum for a few months this summer) I came across a post in early July from someone (British) who planned to go to Tallinn for a visa and asked for information. Nobody replied. He went there, was told to go to London, and had a hard and very expensive time as a result: just as I'd had in 2008. Other forum members have reported similar problems. I suggest that a lot of hassle and heartbreak could be avoided if info on important topics like visas was regularly updated and "stickied" for the benefit of forum members.