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27-06-2005, 17:45
Does anyone possibly know the way for the UK citizen to obtain a Ukrainian visa in one of the following places:

1) Switzerland,
2) Slovenia,
3) Croatia.

Perhaps someone could recommend me a trustworthy travel agency which can provide for a visa support.

thanks in advance,

27-06-2005, 18:31
if its for a short visit, you wont need one, at least not until 1 sept

27-06-2005, 18:43
It will be great for foreigners if they extend this facility beyond september 1st,which was primarily introduced for the Eurovision song contest last month, but I don't know if it's reciprocal(i.e. allowing Ukrainians to visit Europe visa free)-somewhow I doubt it as there would be a mass exile of people looking for work etc!

28-06-2005, 10:57
In my case the trip will be made after September 1 so I need some info ref. travel agencies

28-06-2005, 11:41
First step-contact he Ukrainian embassy for advice-BEFORE you make any other arrangements with travel agencies etc.If you are in somewhere like the U.K. or America, or even Russia now, this will be no problem as they are usually quite friendly, even on the phone if you live too far way to go there in person.



30-06-2005, 16:35
It is much easier to get a private visa than a tourist visa. All you have to do is give an authentic name and address in Ukraine. Try http://www.ih.kiev.ua/ . This topic is frequently discussed on lonelyplanet.com.

01-07-2005, 15:24
i think it will be extended for members of the eu as visa free travel up to 90 days was just introduced for us citizens today :)

odessa here i come.....

05-07-2005, 18:43

all that i have read seems to suggest its only if you get a visa, and then go back for a second trip, that you dont need another one...

bizarre rule.

let me know if you have info that it is visa-free voobsche...

05-07-2005, 19:12
odessa here i come.....
Where the sea is warm and the chicks are hot, hot, HOT...! :evilgrin:

09-07-2005, 08:54
Just read on lonelyplanet that Ukraine will extend the visa-free period for EU and Swiss citizens indefinitely.


09-07-2005, 14:13
Is that til Sept first or indefinitely? (for US citizens)I may do a trip before the first and will definitely go after:)

i think it will be extended for members of the eu as visa free travel up to 90 days was just introduced for us citizens today :)

odessa here i come.....

13-07-2005, 11:24
Be sure to contact the Ukrainian embassy you intend to visit beforehand to know their requirements. As with Russia, each Ukrainian embassy considers itself to be a separate body will its own rules on what they want to receive to do a visa. Generally, dealing with Ukrainian embassies is much much easier than with Russian ones as you don't find there the rampant xenophobia inherent in Russia/Russian governmental bodies

24-07-2005, 02:46
Please contact Intourist in Moscow. It is cheap and efficient
Invitation +- 30 dollars US
Registration +- 800 roubles

Have a good day.