View Full Version : Gorky Park (park Kultury)

Billie Bob
27-06-2005, 00:32
For the past few weeks, I've been walking around Gorky Park, more often than before, and the place has really changed, and it seems like its getting better every year.

I was told that Gorky park now stays open 24 hours on weekends.

I was at Pancho villa on Saturday, and left there at 3am, made my way to Gorky Park, to see if this is true.

The gates were open, and plenty of people walking around, with a few places open, and people dancing and drinking away. (mostly young kids but with a mix)

The one place we ended up going was, a discoteque, bar, swimming pool hangout place called "GORKY BEACH"

Can't say it was packed, but plenty of people still having fun, dancing, and some females playing in the water.

We apparently missed out on the show, but the music and the drinks were great!

http://www.gorkybeach.ru/ (only in russian)

We left at 6am. The sun was out already at 4:30am.

So, I do plan on checking this place out next weekend. Yes you can drive to this place, follow the instructions on the webpage.

Can't give it an accurate rating, but I'd say, we both had a great time in the park.

29-06-2005, 18:12
There is another place if you enter the park by car from Leninskiy Prospekt. It's called Chaihana and it's down by the embankment. Very nice place. I was there last year for tea so can't say anything about food. The guards at the Leninskiy entrance will let the car in for free if you tell them you're going to the restaurant. (I use it just to get in, park the car and walk in Neskuchnyi Sad.

Free Man
29-06-2005, 22:26
The Chaixana is still there. It's a fun place, relaxing and mellow. Was there last year and this year, both times with dates.