View Full Version : Batman anyone?

24-06-2005, 12:27
Went to see the new Batman last night. IMHO this is a great film, far superior to all that have gone before.
The characters and plot are extremely well developed, interest is maintained throughout the 2 hours. Score is almost perfect, following the action rather than trying to control the viewers perception (a la the new Star Wars).
I saw it in Russian, but that did not detract from the movie at all, which in itself is a step forward.
Anyone else seen it?

24-06-2005, 17:37
Watched this movie last week.
I have never liked Batman novies though, but I was really surprised to find it so interesting.
I quite agree with the previous opinion.

Ned Kelly
26-06-2005, 22:25
agree exprumos, a cracking film. nice to see it finally done justice.

27-06-2005, 10:34
Well if Ned says it's good. Then it's good. :) Haven't seen it yet but most certainly will do -- if anyone else is up for it, please pm me.

01-07-2005, 12:04
Well if Ned says it's good. Then it's good. :)
you are so wrong :rolleyes: but the movie is really cool :)

01-07-2005, 13:26
how do I give myself 50 red points or ban myself from the site completely for saying this? :( :( :( I am SO sorry!!
of course Ned has the best taste in films! best of the best! and lawrence of arabia can only compare to wallace & gromit in its significance and contribution into the world cinematograph!!