View Full Version : Kto mowi po polsku?

Joe 6pack
22-06-2005, 18:37

I posted this on the board before it melted down, so I think I'll repeat it now. I'm interested in Polish conversation, or language exchange, with local Poles or other Polish-speaking people. I don't want to forget what I know under pressure from the local Slavic language! :) My level is decent, but I wouldn't call it fluent.

So, if interested, please PM or post here.

30-06-2005, 14:54
dljacego to trzeba? Hodz do Kostelu na Malaja Gruzinskaja a razmowljaj do tech clowekow co tam spotkajesh. Przeprasam za orphographiju - ne znam Polski jezyk tak doskonale jak chcial by.