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10-09-2010, 01:07

10-09-2010, 05:51

I love the BBC. I could sit and laugh at it all day. It's like the Cartoon Channel, only it lacks the incisive insight and commentary.

10-09-2010, 14:16
Yeah. Me. I wish.

This story comes around most years, but the HSBC survey is targetted among high earners so the findings are skewed.

That said, I earn more here than I did in England and have a more senior position than I enjoyed with my UK employers. On the other hand, I work harder (he says, sitting in the office tapping away on expat before bunking off early to fly away for the weekend!) and started out with a couple of badly paid years teaching. And I'm not exactly raking in the riches of Abramovich, just doing comfortably enough (nowhere near $250k, sadly).

Most of the comments from the Moscow expats sounded realistic enough - I've heard these opinions many times before, and argued vigorously against each and every one (I'm annoying like that, you see!).

The flaw in the article is down to the flaw in the original survey (IIRC it's among people earning $100,000k+ or something, when you look at the small print). So, as a journalist, I wouldn't have written the piece in the first place. But, if I had to write it, it would have come out something like that. And I'd have pleaded to have it published under a pseudonym since it's obviously built on straw.