View Full Version : Funeral-,Criminal- and Condom Museum

09-09-2010, 13:24
and no, i have not been on the kitchen wine
but reading through my favorite Austrian newspaper i came across this feature, Museums that most probably you will not find in ANY tour guide. And i asked one of my Viennese friends, and she said, never heard of them, or has heard but never been there.
And as usual, she was very astonished, that I, living in Moscow,know more about Vienna then she does....
Click through the gallery, sorry it is all in German language BUT at the end of every section there is the address of the museum and also the website of the :whisper:condom museum, next time you are in Vienna, go have a look there, not only the condom museum that is....

09-09-2010, 14:04
Well, we had THIS at the local fair. It is, apparently, here every year.