View Full Version : Hotels in Moscow

10-10-2003, 11:03
Can anyone recommend any medium priced hotels in Moscow where people can walk to all the tourist sights.

Western style run hotels only.


Broadmoor Bob
10-10-2003, 11:06
Only one I can think of is the Marriott Tverskaya, unless the Marco Polo is also medium priced (and still in existence).

10-10-2003, 11:28
Budapest is more or less Western standards. It is Russian run, but inexpensive and very central and nice rooms.

10-10-2003, 12:55
"Rossia" is crapy, but it is cheap and super central!!

10-10-2003, 13:50
Izmailova, the succesor of Intourist.

Not really central but with "own" metro-station.
New rooms and affordable.

Even Russian standard quality is O.K.

10-10-2003, 14:21
Well, how about spending a little more and going to the Ukraina ??

Avoid the Minsk on Tverskaya at all costs unless you`re into doss houses.....

11-10-2003, 13:26
The Ukrainia has remonted rooms overlooking the river and White House for $120 (breakfast and tax included) for a double. Kievskaya is nearby. Boats on the river allow you to get off. Now as convenient to the Kremlin but near other sites such as Victory Park, the WWII museum, the Borodino museum, etc. Plus you can get downtown cheaply. You can walk to the Arbat from there.