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21-06-2005, 11:28
A good friend of mine, Dina Sedova, offers thai massage (traditional,
non-sexual) and chinese foot masssage.

Thai traditional massage and Chinese foot massage help with the body's
immunity; cures headaches, migraines, stress, asthma, kidney disease,
etc. It helps improve family relationships. And it can help prevent

Thai massge uses the palms, hands, thumbs, the elbow, knee, and foot.

Foot massage uses hands, fingers; also a wood stick is used for applying
to acupunture points.

She also offers reiki, an ancient healing method. By applying hands to
different points on the body we heal physical and emotional problems. it
is also a form of relaxation.

Dina has offered thai and chinese massage and reiki sessions at the US
Embassy for the past 3 years. Some folks on the Expat List have come to
her for both thai massage and for reiki.

Those who have been initiated in reiki and use it regularly find that it
helps in all aspects of life. It helps to center oneself, to deal with
problems both large and small. It does not require you to give up beliefs
that you already. Reiki is accessible to all, regardless of religion.
Also, you do not need to have special abilities to do reiki. This
practice also helps to develop a deeper, subtler awareness of yourself
and the world around you.

Please pm me if you'd like her contact info. She speaks English.

If you are curious about any of these practices, but are not sure you
want to try yet, she'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Good luck,

21-06-2005, 12:18
Could you please give an idea of how much she charges for the services?

21-06-2005, 12:27
I hope to have a reply to your question, TomThumb, later today.

21-06-2005, 12:28
Thanks in advance

21-06-2005, 15:56
When I spoke to Dina about 6 months ago, she was charging $60 for a 2 hour massage (at your house). She sounded really nice on the phone, but was a bit pricey for us in the end (as we wanted someone to come and massage the whole family once a week), so we never used her. However, having tried some cheaper options in the meantime, I was thinking of calling her back...

22-06-2005, 12:00
Some folks asked about how much Dina charges.

These are Dina's rates:

-Thai massage (1 hr. 15 min.-1 hr. 20 min.)- $60
-Chinese foot massage- $40 for 30-35 min.
-Reiki session- $25